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Cecilia camera straps are each a work of art

Max Lowe

Pro Photographer

The leather of the Cecilia strap moved smoothly every time I raised my camera for a shot. It was really great, and pointed out that a strap can actually make using your gear more pleasant.

David Ondrik

@ Fraction

Cecilia has changed the game, now my neck feels that leather loveliness

Danny Zapalac

Pro Photographer

My photography takes me mostly into the outdoors in harsh winter conditions and the strap has held up against extreme cold and heavy snow.

Colin Adair

Pro Photographer

I love the construction, the subtle colors, and even the smell

Brian Rueb

Photography Teacher at Aperture Acadamy

These camera straps are every bit as great as you hope they’ll be when you first see photos of them, and they’re pleasingly comfortable to wear thanks to the beautifully soft leather.

Dan Carr

@ Shutter Muse

Overall, we’re pretty stoked on Cecilia and their products. They have a cool history, they care about photography, and the company is clearly run by good people.

Amii & Andy Kauth

@ Sunshine & Reign

Soft leather combined with alpaca wool (one of the softest wools out there) makes for a camera strap like no other...Who says function and style can't go together?

Camilla Stoddart

Pro Photographer

They ain’t trying to reinvent the wheel with some nifty sliding system or fancy attachment features, they just focus on quality and let the materials and craftsmanship do the talking.

Michael Nguyen

@ Japan Camera Hunter