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Fun Your Photos

Credit: CC0 
Hamid Amirani - 5.30.19

Thanks to technology, there are a variety of ways to preserve one’s photos, from hard drives and flash drives to clouds and online storage sites. But when you have all your images safely stored, backed-up and double backed-up, how do you make sure certain pics don’t get hidden among thousands of others?

Get creative!

Celebrating your images in fun and innovative ways enables you to enjoy pics that would otherwise be hidden in the depths of cyberspace and external drives.

Here are seven fun uses for your favorite pics.


You can create flipbooks from your images! 

Credit: Flipclips 

Companies such as FLIPCLIPS produce handmade personalized flipbooks from your photographic and video files.

If shooting video, they advise you to frame your videos 4:3 as opposed to 16:9 and to focus the content towards the right of the frame, because the nature of a flipbook means the left part of the image is obscured when one flips through.


Why not have a calendar made from your own photos? You could have a photo of a loved one to go with the month of their birthday. Or have the family photo from seasonal festivities be the image for the next holidays in the calendar.

Credit: Artifact Uprising 

Artifact Uprising offers wood, foil, solidwool and brass easel calendars. Their products are printed on premium Mohawk paper. The wood calendars are handmade from reclaimed beetle pine, and the solidwool ones are from fleece from upland UK sheep.


Keep your treasured images in custom-made luxury frames. 

Credit: Saw and Mitre 

Saw & Mitre uses "finest American lumber and museum grade matting and materials" in their frames. 

Their products are produced to be reused in the same way that galleries reuse their frames for various exhibits, and some are offered with a “50-Year Craftsmanship Guarantee.”  Use code "sawandmitre10" to receive a 10% discount off your next order.


Got snaps from a sunny beach vacation? Get through those cold winter mornings with a hot shower and your colorful holiday pic covering the entirety of the shower curtain!

Credit: Zazzle 

With Zazzle, you can insert an image onto their blank template, and their interface allows you to preview how the finished curtain will look. There’s no minimum order requirement and each curtain is custom made.


You could have a photo of a pet or loved one printed on a personalized plush blanket.

Credit: Mpix 

Kansas-based Mpix offers machine washable soft fleece blankets in three sizes: 30" x 40", 50" x 60" and 60" x 80". The image is printed on one side, and the other side is a fleece white.  Use code "Cecilia" to receive 20% discount off your next order.


In the age of Instagram, Snapchat and Whatsapp, small ceramic tiles are a fun use of  photos taken on nights out.

Credit: ImageSnap 

Want a fond reminder of a party or family celebration? With ImageSnap, you can get 2” x 2” ceramic tiles that come with self-adhesive magnets so you can stick them on your fridge.

You have the choice of a matt or gloss finish, and, naturally, other sizes are available, including their biggest tile, the 12” x 12” slabs, which weigh almost five pounds. No fridge magnets for those!


Custom made t-shirts are a great way to make something special out of a beloved photo.

Credit: Customized Girl 

Customized Girl offers blank template t-shirts in a variety of sizes (and not just for girls!), and if you’re looking to order several t-shirts for friends or family, a group discount kicks in from six orders onwards, and they don’t even have to be the same image on each t-shirt.

Of course, this isn’t an exhaustive list. You can also put your pics on mugs, keychains, pillows, posters and bags, among many others.

So, get your images out of the Cloud and onto a t-shirt!

Or calendar, tile, curtain……

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