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Why You Should Choose a Messenger Bag

Cecilia’s 12L Lambert Camera Messenger Bag in Black Leather
Hamid Amirani - 4.09.20

As the name implies, messenger bags were originally used by postal workers and messengers. The design, comprising a strap that can be worn over the shoulder or across the body, was ideally suited to the task of carrying mail.


The modern messenger bag hails from the 1950s as used by utility linemen to carry their tools when ascending utility poles. Design changes in the ‘80s, such as adding buckles, led to the messenger bag's emergence as a fashionable item of luggage. That fashionable appeal has never abated, growing right through to the present day. Messenger bags are favored by college students, high schoolers, office workers, cyclists, and, of course, photographers.


Tharp 8L and Lambert 12L Camera Messenger Bags in Black Leather
Credit: Gustavo Minas
Brasilia, Brazil


There are a number of compelling reasons why a messenger bag is the ideal bag, especially if you're an urban inhabitant.


You needn't be a college kid or a photographer to make use of a messenger bag. With most people now using laptops or tablets, a daily carryall is essential for such gear. 


If you work in an office in the city, a backpack isn't going to gel with your formalwear. Whether male or female, a messenger bag can be worn comfortably and stylishly on your way to work. 


Perhaps the most attractive feature of a messenger bag's design is its easy access to contents while you're on the move. Whether it's across your body or at your side, it lets you get to your things immediately and not have to pause to take the bag off.


There's no shortage of messenger bags and particularly camera messenger bags on the market. The choice can be overwhelming. So, why should you choose a messenger bag from Cecilia?


Cecilia prides itself on the quality of its craftsmanship. The 12L Lambert Black Leather Camera & Laptop Messenger Bag is made from full-grain cowhide leather.

Credit: Manuel Pena


The product integrity doesn't extend only to the leather. The bag has a custom-molded closed-cell EVA foam back panel with recessed airflow channels to remove heat and moisture.

A Whole Lotta History

The aforementioned full-grain leather will gradually accumulate scratches and marks over time. Such scars and blemishes are what give a bag an aura of history and prized ownership. 

Check out our blog post on leather luggage recovered from the Titanic as an example of how a leather bag's patina has a visceral effect on the beholder.


The Lambert is essential for anyone who seeks a photography messenger bag. Its design comprises:

  • Customizable dividers so you can organize the interior compartments as you wish



  • Space for mirrorless cameras and standard size DSLR cameras, as well as lenses and other accessories



  • Hidden magnets that connect the inner and outer flaps for quick and easy access

  • Zipper closure for the main compartment
  • Padded sleeve for a laptop up to 13” in size 
  • Luggage trolley pocket
  • Front accessory zippered pocket 


A typical commercial camera messenger bag tells the world it's got photographic equipment within. A Cecilia Messenger Bag lets you commute and vacation under the radar without compromising style and functionality.

Credit: Manuel Pena


If you prefer a smaller bag, you can opt for an 8L Tharp Camera Messenger Bag.




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