iPhone X Case Brown Distressed


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The iPhone X Case is inlaid with an innovative and creative reuse material, RLF (Recycled Leather Fibers) in Brown Distressed. RLF is made by converting scraps of leather into fibers and then blending those recycled fibers with natural latex. The material is colored and grained with traditional leather making methods which gives the RLF the characteristic feel, look, and smell of leather with the added environmental value. 

The iPhone X Case is lightweight, has a slim fitting design and adds minimal bulk. Made with durable plastic the case will only add millimeters of thickness to your phone.

  • 5.55"H x 2.65"W x .45"D
  • Slim, lightweight design
  • Hard plastic back, flexible sides 
  • Covered, responsive buttons
  • Raised lip sits higher than phone screen