Founded in 2013, Cecilia continues a long-standing tradition in leather manufacturing dating back to 1898 with the start of the Cromwell Leather Group.  Now in the fifth generation of this family-run business, Cecilia represents the finished goods product line based on over one hundred years of experience in the sourcing, tanning, and production of high-quality leather.  Building upon that foundation of manufacturing expertise, Cecilia focuses on the needs of the modern photographer, providing accessories that are both durable and beautiful.


With design and development based out of Mamaroneck, New York, our collaborative production line spans the globe.  From Argentine cowhide leather to Peruvian alpaca fiber, we carefully source and select all components to ensure that only materials of the highest quality are used in our products.  Several of our models are handmade in New York City by some of the most experienced American craftsmen in the industry.


Cecilia also strives to promote the works of both emerging and established photographers through our curated online gallery.  Building strong relationships with the artists allows us to continuously tailor our products to their needs. We take pride in providing assistance during both the creation and subsequent display of their inspirational work.