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Boone Speed

Boone Speed

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"The Historic Grand Prix group focuses on the cars of the three-liter era - built by Lotus, McLaren, Brabham, and Ferrari - and driven to victory by the legends of the day: Dan Gurney, Niki Lauda, Emerson Fittipaldi, James Hunt, and Mario Andretti."

Every other May, classic cars, daredevil drivers and the global glitterati converge in Monaco for the Grand Prix Historique. The “Historique” celebrates significant eras of motor racing, from the 1920-1970’s, that created the foundation and ignited an explosion of interest, making Formula One the most popular spectator sport in the world. Amateur and professional drivers from around the world flock to this charming Mediterranean city to take the helm where many legends have triumphed or lost it all in a gritty duel on this unforgiving street course.

Every car has a significant history, won championships and created legends. These cars are jaw-dropping fast: 500bhp, 265lb/ft of twist, and topping the scales at a mere 1,260lbs. Put in modern-day terms, they are as powerful as the top of the line BMW supercar, but a third of the weight. No supercharged, turbo or ground effects are allowed.

While historic racing is absent of sponsors and sizable cash prizes, these eccentric drivers are racing for passion, not money or fame. Most have made their own fortune, and risk their lives to fulfill a boyhood dream of driving the cars they watched with their fathers as a kid, and now it’s their life. For others, it’s about camaraderie, driving well or experiencing historic tracks. But these guys aren’t just out on a joy ride—they take it as seriously as their predecessors, straight down to the colors on their helmet and flameproof underwear. “They are pieces of history; it's art you don't hang on your walls but you get to drive,” says driver Duncan Dayton. — Abbey Smith

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"Boone Speed is an award-winning professional photographer based in Portland, Oregon. Regarded among peers and clients alike for his painterly aesthetic and minimalist sensibilities, Boone has been singled out by brands like Nike, Adidas, The North Face, ESPN and Patagonia to help them tell their stories. In addition to shooting for some of the world's most beloved establishments, Boone is esteemed as a pioneering athlete and principle architect in the evolution of rock climbing."

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