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Danny Zapalac

Danny Zapalac

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Project San O
"This series of photographs is an observation of luscious life forms at San Onofre State Beach, CA. The sun has shined bright w smooth skins of love since 2005."

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"The year was 1996 and I had graduated college with a Business degree. It was also the year I had the pleasure of printing my first B/W fiber based photo. Something clicked inside and I've been at it ever since. I'll always be taking pictures. It's now become a part of my thought process.

This world is an amazing place, and without photography I'm not sure I would have seen half of it's wonders. I have met folks from all over, and good folks they have been. Some are now close friends and associates. Thank you photography, for you have given me gifts that keep on giving.

I enjoy working with groups of adaptively creative minds as that is key to final products of stupendous achievement. As my dad once muttered in his thick Czech accent, "Daannnny, strive for Quality over quantity. You will get farther in life by doing so." Thanks Tato, I couldn't agree with you more."

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