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Jay Beyer

Jay Beyer

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"This eclectic group of photos depicts some of my favorite imagery in the arenas I live to photograph. I focus my subject matter on certain activities that I participate in regularly. This maintains my intimacy with the subject and allows me to highlight details that are meaningful to my viewers."

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"I didn't plan on becoming a photographer. My wife, Rachel, bought her first SLR from a friend so I figured I would learn all I could to help her out. I gleaned all the info I could from my father, a fantastic photographer himself, so my technically challenged wife could enjoy her new hobby.

Rach and I embarked on a long road trip, climbing every day and living out of our van. During rest days and down time, I started reading the books and magazines my dad lent me to further my knowledge of photography. It wasn't too long and her camera became my toy that she couldn't play with anymore. I began shooting landscapes and climbing daily, attempting to make those great photographs that you see in the magazines. The love for my camera grew until I had to take it everywhere I went. Skiing, biking, fishing , running or just enjoying the outdoors, my camera is always with me whether I pull it out or just fully enjoy the activity at hand.

Rachel and I settled in Salt Lake City for the rock and snow and all the photo opportunities. Soon I started seeing pictures in catalogs and magazines that weren't as good as the images spewing out of my camera every weekend. So I thought I would send some in and see what happens, and low and behold, they started selling. One house and a child (Eli) later and Salt Lake became home. Soon the camera took the place of the hammer and I was shooting full time.

Now, I have the delicate balance of shooting, editing, marketing, activity, son and wife, which keeps me busy. However I feel very lucky to do what I do. I am able to spend every minute that I am not working with my son and wife and it seems like life keeps getting better." 

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